PART C: Cancer and Bio-Energetic Assymetry:
Russian Medical Research
It is a distinctive feature of cancer that in forming its own new energy system and suppressing its entire surroundings, it subordinates everything to the incipient process of reconstruction. One of the reasons for ineffectiveness in the fight against this scourge is the lack of precise conceptions of the causes and mechanisms of the disease.
While studying the changes that take place in the organism on a physical level, modern medicine does not examine the processes taking place on the energy plane. Since it views cancer as an anomalous process, medical science is justified in calling it a disease. In our opinion, however, this is not quite correct.
Cancer is one of the phases of the genetic program written in the DNA of each person and if cancer appears as a consequence of a genetic glitch then it is unlikely that the process once begun will be stabilised by the methods employed in contemporary medicine.
Apart from a genetic malfunction, the program may be triggered by heavy stress, injury, irradiation or any number of other objective causes. In these cases cancer can be fought by directing our efforts towards the destabilization of the process. Let us examine some of the energy mechanisms involved in the process in order to spot possible ways of countering it.
In all cases the start of the process of spontaneous, massive cell division (cancer) is due to the appearance of bilateral and general bio-energetic asymmetry. This is an energy process, accompanied by changes (displacements) in the layout of the energy channels and nodes of the energy system with relation to the acupuncture points (their projections in the physical body). The new energy system that is thus formed and the cancer cells themselves are markedly unstable and this makes it possible to counter the process.
There are two possible approaches to halting the process:
1. Correction of the bilateral and general bio-energetic asymmetry (a return to the original condition);
2. Exerting a destabilizing influence on the energy system newly created by the cancer process.
One of the ways to destabilise the cancer process may be to use devices with a high level of magnetic induction.
It is important to note that if conventional medicine employed a method of correcting this deviation (asymmetry), it would lead to an immediate halting of the formation of a new energy system.
Strong magnetic fields are capable of inducing a contraction (deformation) of the energy carcass - the matrix of the forming energy system, which will lead to destabilization of the growth of the tumor, as the energy system created by the cancer is unstable. Besides, a high level of magnetism can provoke the defensive functions of the immune system with the discharge of hormones into the blood stream (endocrinal aggression). For this reason, in certain cancers of the internal organs, a positive therapeutic effect may be obtained by destabilizing the growth of the tumor using Wands of Horus Kont and special extensions with a high level of magnetic induction. It should be stressed that during the therapeutic process, and also after the growth of the tumor has been halted, there may be side effects, such as disruption of the nervous system or mild psychological disorders.
PART D - Solar and Magnetic Storms:
Among the confirmations of the correctness of such an approach [destabilisation of the cancer process mentioned in Part C] are the results of many years of research carried out by the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The researches revealed a connection between oncological disorders and magnetic storms.
A study of the incidence of malignant tumors in Turkmenia throughout a full cycle of solar activity established that in years with low solar activity, the incidence of malignant tumors was higher than in years with high solar activity, while leukocyte (white blood cell) counts were lower. With lower solar activity the amount of leucocytes in peripheral blood diminished. In times of high solar activity the cosmic factors retard the growth of incipient malignant tumors without having an influence on benign growths and pre-cancerous formations.
This result is due to the fact that the changes (increases) in the level of magnetism in a given region of the Earth produced by a magnetic storm act upon the human energy shell causing it to deform (contract) in respect of the physical body, which in turn leads to the destabilisation of cancerous processes.
Further, if the tumour reaches the surface of the body it should be surrounded on all sides with special magnetic sources to produce a local destabilising effect on the cancer.
“There are days when for a sick person the Sun is a source of death. On such days it turns from a lifegiver into a bitter enemy, from which a person has nowhere to hide or run. The deadly influence of the Sun reaches a person everywhere, no matter where he is.” (A.P. Chizhevsky)
Modern medical research has confirmed that solar and magnetic storms are one of the main causes for the appearance of cardio-vascular disturbances, circulatory diseases and disruptions in arterial pressure. These are the most widespread diseases and the death rate from them is highest, accounting for 30–50% of all fatal outcomes.
The disruptions of the Earth’s electromagnetic field caused by solar and magnetic storms evoke changes in the composition of human blood and an increase in its viscosity. The latter takes place as a result of structural damage to the cell membranes, causing phospholipids to pass from the cells into the blood, which leads to clotting and the appearance of atherosclerotic damage. At the same time the mechanism by which toxic substances of internal and external origin are rendered harmless is disrupted,
which leads to further damage and the build-up of waste products in the organism. Modern medicine has no effective means of countering this phenomenon.
As a result of more than twenty years of research, scientists came to the conclusion that the only means of fighting the negative influence of solar and magnetic storms on human health is the production of medical forecasts for unfavourable days.
That means that:
1. the day before an unfavourable day we should substantially reduce our calorie intake.
2. taking blood-thinning medication (aspirin, sedatives) 24 hours before the start of the unfavourable days may spare an already sick person from serious complications.
PART E - Biorhythms of the Human Body:
For good health it is important to realise that there are optimum times for certain activities such as eating and exercise.
23.00-4.00h REGENERATION
Division and regeneration of cells is at its most intensive: 8 times more intensive than at any other time for a young person who sleeps deeply and 4-6 times more intensive for an older person who sleeps less.
Cell growth hormones are actively produced. The use of the “KONT ”Wands of Horus is recommended during this time. This type of Wand activates the process of regeneration and renewal of cells.
The body begins to fight aggressive molecules (free radicals) which lead to ageing of the skin.

Adrenal glands become active and direct cortisol , a stress hormone, into the blood. The body revives. The functioning of the kidneys becomes more active after sleep.
6.00h AWAKE
The level of cortisol in the blood is at its highest. Division and renewal of cells is sharply reduced. The following processes take place:
• blood pressure rises; • body temperature rises; • the level of adrenalin in the blood rises.
This is the best time to take a cold shower or alternate hot and cold showers. This improves the circulation of cortisol in the blood which refreshes the body.
This is the best time for breakfast. Carbohydrates are actively broken down and easily converted into energy. During this time the build-up of fat is insignificant.
Blood circulation intensifies. At this time any alcohol is eliminated from the body.
Sexual activity intensifies.
The skin is at its best. This is the best time for make-up. The immune system is fully restored after the night. Physical exercise is not advisable. The level of cortisol in the blood is very high. Physical exertion limits the synthesizing of proteins. This is the best time of the day for injections if prescribed.
11.00- 12.00h EXERCISE / NO FOOD
Fat glands are active. This is not a good time for eating as the build-up of fat intensifies. The body reacts very badly to alcohol which may lead to problems with the pancreas and liver and cause diarrhoea. Alcohol consumed at this time may lead to skin deteriation such as redness and patchiness. Hair and nail growth increases. This is a good time for physical exercise. Physical and mental activity is at its height.
Energy levels are very high.
13.00-14.00h SIESTA!
Blood pressure and hormonal levels drop. Fatigue sets in and activity level decreases.
Depending on state of health and age the body is partially or fully unable to react to medication. It is not advisable to take medication at this time. Taste buds are sharpened and the appetite increases.
The activity level increases once more. The blood is again enriched with oxygen, the functioning of the heart and the lungs becomes more active. This is a good time for physical exercise.
17.00h DINNER
The endocrine system becomes more active, in particular the pancreas. At this time of the day it is possible to eat a lot of food which is actively broken down. Build-up of fat is slow and complete digestion of food takes place without causing much damage to the pancreas and the body.
The pain threshold is lowered.
The risk of allergic reactions increases, in particular in the mucous membranes and the skin
This is the last phase of accelerated and sharpened reactions.
Activity gradually decreases.
23.00 h
Capillaries are at their least active.
The blood pressure lowers. At this time of the day the body is most susceptible to inflammation, colds and infection. The metabolism slows down. The frequency of heart beat becomes slower. Late food intake is very harmful as it interferes with, the process of digestion. The gastrointestinal tract cannot cope, which leads to the accumulation of food in the oesophagus and finally disturbs the metabolism.
After 23.00h SLEEP
The organism is asleep.