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These extracts are taken from `The Wands of Horus` written by Valery Uvarov.
PART A - Prevention of Certain Serious Forms of Cancer in the Digestive Tract:
A highly effective method of preventing certain serious forms of cancer in the digestive tract is the regular intake of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. It has long since been established that many diseases develop dynamically when the tissues of the body suffer from shortage of oxygen. Notably cancer cells develop only in an anaerobic, oxygenless environment. Therefore if the vulnerable tissues are saturated with oxygen, the chances of contracting cancer are considerably reduced, while the struggle against a process that has already begun will be far more active. The idea of oxygenation lies behind the treatment given for a whole range of diseases: in the blood vessels of the brain, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disorders, stenocardia, heart arrhythmia, chronic obstructive bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, flu, herpes, systemic candidiasis, insulin-dependent diabetes, disseminated sclerosis, metastatic cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, migraine and allergy.
In examining the mechanism of cancerous processes in the digestive tract, it should be noted that such cancers are usually associated with the large intestine and the disorders caused by the accumulation of waste products. (Refer to “Strengthening the Immune System”) Dr. I. Mechnikov in his book `The Study of Human Nature` cites data indicating that of the 1148 cancer cases he studied, 1022 arose in the large intestine. The biochemical situation produced in the large intestine by improper nutrition creates an alkaline environment (a disruption of the oxidant-antioxidant balance) that encourages the growth of pathogenic microflora which leads to disruption of the organism's own regime for the production of hydrogen peroxide.
Nature in creating the human being envisaged the mechanism that we call the immune system. Its cells - leucocytes and granulocytes - produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), an aggressive oxidant that destroys any pathogenic flora, whether fungal, bacterial or viral. A by-product of this reaction is ozone - a three-atom molecule of oxygen. Without its presence not a single bioenergetic reaction is possible. But with incorrect microflora the large intestine cannot produce sufficient hydrogen peroxide, particularly as any disease increases the demand for hydrogen peroxide, causing a deficit. Bearing in mind that intestinal microflora play the main role in the synthesis of necessary compounds and the excretion of waste products, the main reasons for the appearance of intestinal cancer become clear.
 But atmospheric oxygen and atomic oxygen are far from one and the same thing, and that atomic oxygen still needs to be delivered to where it is in deficit, e.g. the large intestine
Sadly nature has not provided us with herbs, vegetables, fruit or any other foodstuffs that contain hydrogen peroxide, so the internal use of this 3% solution is justified and, most importantly, efficacious. 
Therefore, without going into the detailed chemistry, we should stress the main thing: regular use of the Wands of Horus coupled with regular doses of hydrogen peroxide solution is an effective method of preventing certain serious forms of cancer in the digestive tract and more besides. Hydrogen peroxide is not only an additional source of the oxygen that cells are lacking, but also a sort of cleaner of toxic substances capable of countering any pathogenic flora. Scientific research carried out at the Medical Center attached to Beilo University (USA) involving saturating a cancer tumor with oxygen by injecting H2O2 into an artery leading to it produced amazing results.
The Method of Using Hydrogen Peroxide:
This method is old and forgotten. Successful experiments with intravenous injections of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) were conducted by Nisten in France as far back as 1811, demonstrating that the best way to saturate the body's tissues with oxygen is precisely by this method, since the body has enough atmospheric oxygen, but not always enough atomic oxygen. It has been scientifically proved that not a single reaction takes place in the body without hydrogen peroxide being involved, since the H2O2 in the organism interacts directly with the catalysis of the blood and gives off atomic oxygen which is carried around with the blood, saturating the heart muscle and other tissues it reaches directly. Without atomic oxygen there can be no oxidation of food and its processing into substances that the organism can use. We ourselves make the digestive process more difficult: not chewing our food enough, preparing it in barbaric ways, drinking all sorts of things, smoking, using lots of harmful chemicals and so on. All this leads to an excessive requirement for atomic oxygen.
In 1916 a British physician named Stebbing, who continued the work with hydrogen peroxide, injecting it into the veins, stated that: "The intravenous injection of peroxide , if performed correctly, can be used clinically with considerable benefit to patients and has no side-effects." Since then many doctors have tried to draw the attention of the medical community to this form of treatment, but the development of antibiotics played its negative role. More than 6,000 articles and scientific papers have been written on the therapeutic use of hydrogen peroxide, but, sadly, people's health always comes second when enormous profits are at stake.
A rhetorical question: what is it more profitable to sell - cheap H2O2 or very expensive antibiotics, despite the fact that they cause a mass of side-effects and mutations in various bacteria?
Hydrogen peroxide works cleanly in the organism: it floods the tissues with oxygen, oxidises toxins and fats on the walls of blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis, while a "oxidant strike" deprives cancer cells, bacteria and viruses of their viability, which is the tremendously powerful function of oxidant detoxification.
In the early 1960s in the USSR's Institute for Medico-Biological Problems, Professor I.P. Neumyvakin, a Doctor of Medical Sciences and State Prize winner, working in the field of medical support for space flight, presented his first dissertation on a similar theme, asserting that:
"Without hydrogen peroxide the human organism, constantly under attack from viruses, microbes and other parasites of different sorts, cannot exist."
The body's own chemistry lab is tiny: the leucocytes and granulocytes that surround unwanted intruders produce their own peroxide that then serves as the weapon with which our organism fights various kinds of infection. In any illness the body's usage of its own peroxide increases and, eventually, this results in a certain deficit. When this occurs, pathogenic flora have a stronger effect on the organism. The process becomes a vicious circle with one illness appearing after another.
Hydrogen peroxide is not, of course, a universal remedy for all ills, but, by destroying all that is pathological, alien, mutating or out of control, it is capable of countering any infections and also of normalising the oxidation restoration processes in the organism, which leads to an improvement in the state of all its systems: endocrine, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, immune and energy. In today's conditions of life and poor quality nutrition people suffer from a shortage of atomic oxygen. Oxygen is a very powerful cleanser (oxidant). In the blood it oxidizes nitrates, fats and metals. But unfortunately the atmospheric oxygen that we get from the air is a two-edged sword: on the one hand in order to reach the cell it has to first turn into molecular or ionic oxygen; on the other hand, the more atmospheric oxygen there is in the organism, the more free radicals are formed and with time that can lead to serious problems. Therefore the decisive thing is the balance of these factors in which hydrogen peroxide as a source of atomic oxygen plays a vital part.
Since nature has not provided foodstuffs (fruits or vegetables) containing oxidants, the use of hydrogen peroxide can be justified entirely. It must be stressed, however, that this method must not be used without proper cleansing of the large intestine. Otherwise the use of hydrogen peroxide can produce dizziness and other unpleasant sensations. We should add that regular intake of hydrogen peroxide is a very effective means of strengthening the immune system, but its use should follow a definite timetable and dosage over a twelve-day cycle (as shown in the table below).
Drops of a 3% solution [ensure that it is food grade-noadditives] should be added to a tablespoon of water and taken once a day - an hour before eating or three hours after. Then you should make a break of 5-7 days, repeat the cycle, make another break of 5-7 days, repeat the cycle again, ending with a 5-7-day break.
After that you should take peroxide one cycle a month for the rest of your life, but your maximum daily intake should not exceed 20 drops, otherwise you may get side-effects. The taking of hydrogen peroxide should always be accompanied by the use of the Wands of Horus. This is of fundamental importance as the improved circulation stimulated by the Wands enables the atomic oxygen to be quickly and effectively delivered to the body's tissues.
Cycle & Dosage
Day       1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10     11     12
Drops   1     1     1     2     3     4     5     6     7       8       9      10
Contraindications for the use of hydrogen peroxide: 1. Excessive acidity.  2. Pregnancy.
Note-Wands of Horus:
The Ancient Egyptian priests and pharaohs used the Wands of Horus as a means of preventing cancer. Therefore regular use of the Wands will give a healthy person a unique chance to avoid this misfortune. After only five minutes of holding the Wands a person's pulse rate increases, blood vessels expand and circulation improves, which in itself enhances oxygen absorption by the body's tissues.
PART A - Prevention of Certain Serious Forms of Cancer in the Digestive Tract
PART B - Contamination of the Large Intestine
PART C - Cancer and Bio-Energetic Assymetry
PART D - Solar and Magnetic Storms
PART E - Biorhythms of the Human Body 
PART B - Contamination of the Large Intestine:
The main cause of the organism's worsening immune status, gradually leading to metabolic disorders, aging and the appearance of a broad spectrum of diseases is the contamination (“furring up”) of the large intestine.
Three-quarters of all the elements of the immune system are located in the intestines. We know also that intestinal microflora play the main role in the synthesis of necessary compounds and the excretion of waste products. For many reasons the food that enters the digestive tract cannot be processed completely and it rots in the intestines, contaminating the organism.
As a result of incorrect nutrition, mainly starchy and boiled food devoid of vitamins and minerals (potato, farinaceous foods made with finely ground flour, heavily laced with butter and sugar) jumbled up with protein (meat, processed meat, cheese, eggs, milk), food passing through the large intestine leaves a film of excrement on its walls like fur in a kettle. Collecting in the folds (diverticula) of the large intestine, under conditions of dehydration (up to 95% of the water is extracted in the large intestine) this "fur" forms stones of excrement. As a result rotting and fermentation are taking place in the large intestine. The toxic products of these processes enter the bloodstream together with water and cause a phenomenon known as intestinal autointoxication (autotoxaemia). 
It is on this sector of the front in the fight against contamination that the human immune system
expends most of its energy and strength, gradually becoming exhausted.
Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done on the way to restoring and improving the immune system is to immediately set about cleansing the large intestine with the aid of enemas, herbal decoctions, moderate and correct nutrition. As this cleansing, which may take a month, proceeds and we rid ourselves of contamination, the energy level of the immune system begins to rise, which immediately brings about an improvement in subjective health, greater capacity for work and vitality.
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