Prof. C. Louis Kervran
Biological Transmutation
Louis Kervran 1901 - 1983
Louis Kervran1901-1983
Corentin Louis Kervran was a French medical scientist and engineer who is best known for his study of biological transmutation. His curiosity apparently began in his youth when he watched the hens pecking at specks of mica in the farmyard. His later professional observations concerned (in one small part) the anomalous re-appearance of robust calcium-bearing eggshells in calcium-deprived chickens that had been administered dietary mica (a potassium-rich mineral). He had a high official position in the French research and occupational health community. He was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Director of Conferences of the Paris University, Member of Conseil d'Hygiene de la Seine, a Member of the Commission du Conseil Supérieur de la Recherche Scientifique (1966). He was the recognised expert on radiation poisoning for the French government since 1945.
In papers and books from 1959 through 1983, Kervran synthesized his biotransmutation ideas. Notable among his books, all published by Librarie Maloine in France, are: `Biological Transmutations` (1962), `Proofs in Geology and Physics of Weak Energy Transmutations` (1973), `Proofs in Biology of Weak Energy Transmutation` (1975), and `Biological Transmutations and Modern Physics` (1983).
Transmutation of Elements in Living Things:
A Nobel Prize nominee, Louis Kervran anticipated more recent discoveries in cold fusion, that transmutation of elements are not only possible at low temperatures, but that they occur regularly in living things. He also held that processes that occur inside the body, i.e., in vivo, cannot be judged from mere observations in petri dishes, i.e., from in vitro processes. Most orthodox scientists nevertheless remained skeptical or downright hostile. Biological transmutations exist and cannot be denied; they are the very core of living nature, which could not function without them.
What this means in simplistic terms, is that in organisms (living things) two elements undergo a reaction and a different element is formed. This is a nuclear process and the energy barrier is lowered due to the action of enzymes.
e.g.   Mg24 + O16 ® Ca40
There are many examples of biological transmutations. Only two are given below.
Chickens and Eggs - Potassium Transmutation:
As Louis Kervran pointed out, the ground in Brittany contains no calcium; however, every day a hen lays a perfectly normal egg, with a perfectly normal shell containing calcium. The hens eagerly peck mica from the soil, and mica contains potassium - a single step below calcium in the periodic table of elements. It appears that the hens may transmute some of the potassium to calcium. The following is a possible pathway, shown in simplistic form:
                                    K39 + H1 => Ca40
Furthermore, if one tests this assumption, it is quickly shown to be true. Hens denied calcium but not potassium, stay perfectly healthy and lay perfectly normal eggs. Hens denied both potassium and calcium will be sickly and lay only soft-shelled eggs. If these sick chickens are allowed to peck only mica - which they will frantically do - everything returns to normal again.
In the softbound English edition of `Biological Transmutations`, translator Michel Abehsera compiled and adapted an apparently small but representative portion of Kervran’s work prior to 1970. In his Foreword, Abehsera describes a meeting with Kervran: “. . .he showed himself such a dragon in science that nothing but science was discussed. . .he knew his subject well; he seemed to have read all the scientific books and articles published all over the world, to know the work of every living scientist. And when I told him that he had given to science a new direction and hope, he answered, his face growing red, ‘I simply pointed out what has always existed.’”
Silicon in the Human Body:
Silicon is needed by the body, but it also appears that it is also a source of calcium, since professor Kervran's biological transmutation holds that silicon  transmutes into calcium inside the living body. The following is the reaction which is shown in simplistic form:
 Si28 + C12 => Ca40
While Louis Kervran's research suggests that silica transmutes into calcium inside the living body, Carlisle found that silica is vital to bone formation, appearing at the osteoblast and there placing calcium. The conclusion is obvious. Silica has the power to remineralize calcium into bone. This means that osteoporosis could be prevented and treated with silica.
Though silicon-containing herbal plants, most notably horsetail, have been known for a long time in folk medicine, silicon's restorative powers are ignored by the medical establishment. Yet already a hundred years ago the great scientist and healer Dr. Louis Pasteur proclaimed silicon the ultimate future remedy.
Silicon puts calcium back into the bones and provides the major lubricant in our bodies.
Silicon in Foods:
Nature provides silicon, a vital nutrient, in a number of foods. I quote from a scientific paper `Dietary Silicon Intake and Absorption`:
"In conclusion, foods are major sources of available silicon for humans. Daily silicon intakes were markedly higher in men than in women, mainly because of higher beer consumption by men. We showed for the first time that silicon intakes of both sexes decrease with increasing age. Silicon in grains and grain products (rice, breakfast cereals, breads, and pasta) was readily absorbed, however, except for green beans and raisins, the silicon in vegetables and fruit was less readily absorbed, Surprisingly, silicon uptake was low from bananas. Asians and Indians have much higher silicon intakes than do Western populations as a result of their higher intakes of plant-based foods, and it is interesting that in these communities there is a lower incidence of hip fracture than in the West."
The diet is a major source of silicon for humans, with higher intakes obtained from diets rich in grains, cereal products, and plant-based foods than from dairy and animal products.
Nature Operates at a Finer Level than Man:
An extract from a paper written by Louis Kervran (1982).
"How much progress was achieved in chemistry in the last 100 years! It is now to the point that chemistry invades everything, that all products on the market owe their existence to chemistry and very few products are natural anymore.
Unfortunately there are people who do not understand that
this ingestion of chemical products damages our bodies.
People who are for the use of chemical products pretend that natural and synthetic chemical products of the same formula have the same effects on the human body. They state that their effects on our body are necessarily the same, because they cannot be discriminated from the chemical point of view, and for them all of life phenomena are chemical in nature.It is their mistake.
Chemical analysis is not enough to characterise a product. As a matter of fact, biochemists agree on this point now. They know that qualitatively and quantitatively identical atoms can be located in space in different ways, and that for this reason, resulting external electron envelopes may be different."
For example, in the hydrogenation process in which liquid vegetable oils are converted into solid vegetable fats as in margarine, some fat molecules change from the -cis form to the -trans form, where the chemical formulae are identical, but the molecules have a different spacial twist. The -trans form damages our bodies.