Charles Page B.Sc (physics),Dip.Ed.
"Take Back Your Power" - Bob Beck
We cannot always be under the power of some other authority.
    That is not a spiritually free state of consciousness.

Self Resposibility:
The achievement and maintenance of good health depends upon many factors, but above all we are responsible for our own health, just as we are responsible for the way in which we conduct our lives and therefore achieve our destiny, although the `know-it-alls`, those who proclaim that they have spiritual knowledge and wisdom, would have us believe that some divinity is watching over us and will take care of us. The blame game is rampant in society, but we have to exercise self responsibility and help ourselves. There are those in society who expect `health professionals` to take care of them from the cradle to the grave and in whom they have absolute faith, but it is up to each and every individual to become informed about health matters and to live their life accordingly.
This website is dedicated to those brave and honourable researchers, the unsung heroes who have sought the truth and as true scientists have been careful observers who have made incredible discoveries which are of benefit to humankind, yet they have not received the recognition which they deserve and are often belittled and mocked by their self-serving, egocentric peers.
The website master will not be responsible for anyone following any course of action resulting from what is presented at this website. This is obvious, since the visitor to this website has to exercise self responsibility as a true earth human being, which is a law of Creation.
At this website you will discover that:
1)Flaxseed oil can be used to prevent and combat some diseases.
    Dr. Johanna Budwig: Flaxseed as a source of the EFA omega 3.
1) Pathogens can be neutralised and eliminated from the body.
    Dr. Robert Beck: Blood electrification.
3)Organisms are capable of converting one element into another.
    Prof. C. Louis Kervran: Biological transmutations.
4)Back engineered ancient Egyptian technology can be used to prevent and treat some diseases.
    Dr. Valery Uvarov: `The Wands of Horus`
5)The prophet of the new millenium has some advice on aspects of health.
   `Billy` Eduard Meier: Advice from Billy and his extraterrestrial friends.
6)Russian medical research on cancer.
7)Water should be purified and there is good and bad salt.
Furthermore this website will include:
1)Toxic metals, including radioactive isotopes.
2)Good fats and bad fats.
3)Additional facts about food, nutrients and good health.
4)Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Health is a multi billion dollar industry and where there is a dollar to be made it is human nature for corruption to raise it's ugly head. The pharmaceutical companies (`Big Pharma`) are in the business of making a profit and so for them, health is a secondary issue, if it is an issue at all. Also the medical fraternity is very much dependent on the drugs which are manufactured by `Big Pharma` and health professionals are not slow to make a dollar. `Every man is worth his wage`, but too many professionals overate their worth. Taking drugs is an easy option for maintaining health, but all drugs have side effects and rather than focusing on the cause of ill health, very often the focus is on the cure, whereas in many cases there is no cure, but rather a delay of the inevitable, the so called extension of life with the accompanied suffering and apprehension which goes with it. 
Money is poured into research, often with complete disregard to the work done by those who don't tow the party line. If an inexpensive alternative is possible it is often ignored, because there may be no profit in it. Those who profiteer from the ill health of people would prefer people not to think for themselves, but to be dependent on the medications and supplements provided by the pharmaceutical companies. What is better, prevention or cure? Prevention is more cost effective and much less distressing than waiting for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, which may be too late. For example:
Hydrogen peroxide has a therapeutic use, but people's health always comes second when enormous profits are at stake. What is more profitable to sell - cheap hydrogen peroxide or very expensive antibiotics which cause many side-effects, as well as mutations in various bacteria?
The same can be said of flaxseed oil, which may prevent cancer as well as other `diseases`.
Profiteering From Health:
The Sun and a Solar Flare
Life on Earth is dependent upon the
life-giving radiations from the sun:
    IR radiation (heat)
    visible light
    UV light
It is also influenced by the solar wind:
charged particles which stream towards the earth and which are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field.
The human being is sustained by the nutrients he receives from the plants, the animals and the earth, and his health is therefore dependent upon the quality of the environment - the soil,water and air, as well as the magnetic field,ozone layer and the dynamics of the earth. However, he could not exist without his spirit form, through which electromagnetic cosmic energy enters his body and enlivens him.
Life is Sustained by the Earth and the Sun:
It is absolutely clear that the quality of life is dependent upon the sun and the earth. For example, if the composition of the atmosphere is changed, then this directly affects our health, but it also has an indirect effect in that it alters the bio-chemical-physical cycles of water, oxygen and nitrogen. What is not widely known is that if the dynamics of the Earth is changed due to the relocation of mass - such as melting of the ice caps and glaciers, artificial lakes, mining of minerals and petroleum, building of cities - then the earth will change it's rotation, which affects the sun due to the mutual gravitational attraction. Consequently, life on Earth deteriorates, as also our health.
As the population on Earth skyrockets upwards at the current rate of about 137,000,000 extra people per year, the earth and its environment deteriorates and consequently so to does our health. Common sense tells us, for example, that the quality of the air and water must deteriorate, but also climate change rapidly accelerates and as the dynamics of the earth changes, then there are also more severe earthquakes (which may produce tsunamis), volcanic eruptions and solar storms. All of this, of course, affects the mental health of the earth human being, not only due to the crises which eventuate and as the future becomes more uncertain, but also due to the electro-magnetic nature of the earth becoming unbalanced.
Each one of us has to be more responsible in our attitude towards our environment and we have to play our part in getting society to change, for the continuance of life on Earth depends upon reducing the population to a sustainable level and caring for the environment; this effectively means being less materialistic in the way we live our lives.
Overpopulation and Health:
      We are very much dependent on the state of the environment which we can only change as a society.
 However, we can do much to improve our health, prevent diseases and combat diseases which may arise.
How to maintain good health and how to prevent and combat disease
The Sun and a Solar Flare
The Human Being:
The human being is a unity of two parts - material (coarse matter) and spiritual (fine matter)
The material part of a human being consists of the material consciousness (the psyche, thoughts and feelings) and the body; the spiritual part is referred to as the spirit or spirit form, which is centered within the brain and which sustains every single cell of the body.
Although the material consciousness and the body are mortal, the spirit is immortal. 
Health involves more than just sustaining  the body through good nutrition, exercise and avoidance of disease, as well as taking care of our mental health. Our spiritual needs must also be taken into account. Even though most people will claim that they are taking care of their spiritual needs, that will not be so, because few people are aware of the spiritual truths which have been given to the earth human being since long ago by the prophets, but which have been largely falsified up until today.
Fortunately, Billy Meier,  the prophet of this new age, the `Age of Aquarius`, has brought us the eternal truths once again (and for the last time) and written them down for all to see. I refer you to my website:
                                                                 The Talmud Jmmanuel - Ch. 34, v. 60
"The body cannot live without the spirit, and conversely, because spirit and body are a unit despite their seeming duality"
`The Revolution of Truth on Earth`:
                                                         Talmud Jmmanuel - Ch. 24, v. 52
"In the distant future, heed the renewed presentation of my teaching of the spiritual and Creational forces and laws and recommendations, which are valid for all times and throughout the universe, so that you may act according to my counsel and that there may be tranquility and peace among you and all human beings in the world."